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To Get it Done Right Means to Do it Yourself!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Welcome to APOV... the WEBSITE! Welcome, welcome, welcome! It's been a long time coming, y'all. I just had to get my affairs in order. After experimenting with a mental health Instagram page, a YouTube channel and then venting about it all on Tumblr (where no one would judge me of course), I was still unhappy with the lack of organization and flow of all my ideas. The goal is to always embody who I am within my expression and creativity but it just wasn't coming together how I envisioned. After taking a few steps back, recentering and rebranding, I decided that a website was the best solution for my madness. What better way to share my passions and perspectives than through my own domain? While many social media platforms have helped me find my voice and better express myself, they were still limiting me at the same time. My vision here is more raw and personal, more interactive and direct. As I continue on my journey of becoming a professional mental health advocate, I want those who support me to benefit from a space where it's ok to not have the right answer or to know your exact stance on an issue. Everyone has their own story but we can all benefit from viewing life from different perspectives. I encourage whoever comes across this page to challenge the discussion and contribute in whatever way they feel comfortable. Here, you are to exercise your mind and grow, free of judgement. With that being said, add this to your bookmarks make yourself at home!

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