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About the Creator

Aspen Vashti McMillan

"For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. My dream is to one day have my own private therapy practice and to collaborate with other black owned practices/specialists to help diminish the stigma around mental illness and reconstruct the idea of mental health in our communities. 

I started journaling about my questions, passions, experiences and thoughts about our world and how we maneuver through it all. I founded APOV with a mission to not only share but challenge my own point of view as a minority woman finding her authentic self in the world we live in today. I have been at it ever since."

This space was created to provide opportunity to discuss and collaborate on real topics and challenges faced every day. Stay up to date! Take some time to explore the website, create a profile and join the discussion! Please feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together!

Bullying and hate of any kind is strictly prohibited. 

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